Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are the most popular medium-sized species of birds, and for good reason. These curious creatures exhibit a playful personality that makes them fantastic pets to have around. A male Amazon might strut across your kitchen table top or floor in an attempt to impress you with his tail feathers after pinning down his eyes!


Amazon parrots are the “life of the party” in most circumstances. These mainly green medium- to large-sized birds love being at the center of attention, and often use their boldness as a way to make themselves stand out from other animals.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The Amazon parrot is a colorful, intelligent bird with an interesting history. Originating from the rainforest in Mexico and South America, these birds will also inhabit scrub forest or even palm groves if they are domesticated enough to do so. These beautiful creatures have been spread across international waters by humans for centuries because of their popular demand as pets among royalty and commoners alike.

Care & Feeding

Amazon parrots love to bathe because it keeps their feathers healthy. A shower is one of the best ways for these birds to get a good scrub, but they can also jump into their water dish and splash up some fun too! An Amazon parrot needs a spacious cage with toys and swings spread out, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope and ladders to scale. This will allow the bird to move around more freely which is important for good health!


Amazons are very hearty and love people food. A healthy diet for an Amazon parrot includes cooked vegetables, nuts, fruits (with seeds) such as apples and pears that pack a nutritional punch instead of empty calories from peanuts or processed foods containing soybean oil like chips. It is important to keep your Amazon parrot healthy by feeding them a nutritionally balanced diet and providing ample opportunities for exercise. A well-cared for bird can live up to 60 years.

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