Indian Ringneck

The Indian ring-necked parakeet is not a shy bird, and does best with an owner who appreciates an outgoing companion that is never afraid to demand what it wants! The talkative nature of the Indian ring-neck makes them great companions as well.

Indian ring-necked parakeets are popular as pets because of their striking colors and affectionate personalities. However, they require a lot of care to remain tame so it is essential that owners invest time into these birds if they want them to be friendly around humans.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The Indian ring-necked parakeet is commonly found in India, where it lives even around cities. This species of bird gets its name from the small patch of yellow feathers on its neck that looks like a collar.

Care & Feeding

Indian ring-necked parakeets are sensitive birds that need lots of play time and out of the cage to remain happy. If not, expect your bird to develop neurotic disorders that may be difficult to reverse.


Indian ring necks require larger cages than the average bird of the same relative size. They are very playful, so be sure to have plenty of toys on hand that can easily be replaced if they get destroyed.


Indian ring necks tend to have good appetites, which is why it’s important for owners to feed them a balanced diet that includes pellets or bird food. This way the owner can be sure that their birds are nourished and won’t become bored with his/her diet.

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