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Sun Conure Red Factor


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Meet Our Gorgeous Red Factor Sun Conures at Dallas Parrots

At Dallas Parrots, we proudly present our Red Factor Sun Conures – a striking avian beauty showcasing vibrant red plumage, meticulously hand-fed, hand-raised, and health-tested to ensure the perfect addition to your family.

About the Red Factor Sun Conure:

The Red Factor Sun Conure is a delightful conure known for its mesmerizing red feathers and endearing personality. Our Red Factor Sun Conures embody the vibrant hues that define this conure, making them a stunning and eye-catching addition to any aviary.

Our Hand-Raising Approach:

At Dallas Parrots, we specialize in nurturing Red Factor Sun Conures with the utmost care and attention. Our dedicated team hand-raises these birds from an early age, ensuring they are gentle, sociable, and highly affectionate. The result is a sweet-natured and people-oriented companion.

Key Features of our Red Factor Sun Conures:

  1. Vivid Red Plumage: Our Red Factor Sun Conures boast an exceptional depth of red coloration, making them stand out with their stunning and vibrant appearance.
  2. Hand Fed and Hand Raised: We hand-feed and hand-raise our Sun Conures, instilling trust and fostering a strong bond with humans, creating a bird that adores human companionship.
  3. Health and Disease Tested: Every Red Factor Sun Conure undergoes thorough health and disease testing, ensuring you welcome a healthy and robust bird into your home.

Why Choose Dallas Parrots:

At Dallas Parrots, we are passionate about offering exquisite and healthy Sun Conures to bird enthusiasts. Our dedication to the well-being and happiness of our birds shines through in every aspect of our care.

If you are ready to experience the joy and companionship of a beautiful Red Factor Sun Conure, look no further than Dallas Parrots. Our team is ready to guide you in adopting one of these affectionate and charming avian companions.

For inquiries or to adopt a Red Factor Sun Conure, visit Dallas Parrots or contact us at 469-706-0972.

Please note that picture shown is of adult father of the baby sun conure. Our baby is still developing its bright colors.


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About This Bird

Bird Breed

Sun Conure

Bird Features

Very Sweet and Cuddly Baby Sun Conure
Very Bright Red Color
Rare Red Factor Sun Conure
Love the Attention of Human Companion

Bird Quality

• Birds raised affectionately by our family
• Birds raised in an enclosed aviary
• Tests conducted for Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, and Borna Virus

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Vibrant and striking Red Factor Sun Conure parrot with brilliant red, orange, and yellow plumage, showcasing its colorful and energetic personality.

Sun Conure Red Factor


Availability: 1 in stock