Discover Green Cheeke Conure Facts, Diet and Personality

Interesting Facts About The Green Cheek Conure Parrot

The Green Cheek Conure, also known as the “Green Cheeked Parakeet” is an excellent choice for those looking for a new pet bird. With their stunning looks, petite size, and brilliance, it’s not surprising that Green Cheeked Conures have become a favorite among many bird lovers. Their inquisitive nature makes them delightfully entertaining pets to own. Not only are green conures more tranquil than other parrots, but the green cheek conure price is also easy on the wallet. This means you get all this personality in one small package!

green cheek conure on branch
green cheek conure on branch

The care and feeding of conure parrots:

Care and feeding green-cheeked conures are relatively easy compared to some other species of small parrots. These pet birds are generally healthy, hardy, and require minimal care in order to thrive for years. The diet of the baby green cheek conure should be rich in pellets or seed mixes supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Toys and perches should also be provided for your new friend, to help keep their beaks and claws in good condition. Water baths are appreciated by these birds, as they do not usually shower themselves with water from their drinking bowl. A clean and spacious cage is also necessary for the bird to stay healthy and happy, as these parrots love to explore. With the proper pet parrot care and diet, your Green-Cheeked Conure can live for a very long time. The lifespan of a Green Cheeked Conure bird is 30 years.

How many different species of conure parrots exist?

Conure parrots are a diverse species possessing their own distinct features with two main varieties existing – Aratinga molinae and Pyrrhura molinae. However, the Pyrrhura is typically more favored by owners due to its overall beauty and active personality.

The Green-Cheeked Parakeet is a small and colorful bird, ranging in size from 11 to 12 inches. The Green-Cheeked Conure is a stunningly colorful bird with a bright green tail, yellow chest, and blue wings. Its most distinctive feature is its green cheeks, which give the species its name. Among the most popular color mutations are:

  • Green Cheeked Parrot (also called, “Green Cheek Parakeet”)
  • Turquoise Green Cheek Conure
  • Normal Green Cheek Conure
  • Pineapple Green Cheek Conure
  • Fancy Green Cheek Conure
  • Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure

Less common color mutations are the green/red/blue apple varieties.

green cheek conure in tree with yellow flowers
green cheek conure in tree with yellow flowers

What are the personality traits and behaviors of green cheeked conures?

The Green Cheeked Conure personality is both lively and endearing, which requires lots of attention. They are known for their vibrant personalities, temperament, and entertaining behavior. They are active, outgoing birds that love to explore and play with toys. They are also very social creatures and enjoy interacting with people.

These birds are also very intelligent and able to learn a variety of words and commands if you spend the time to train them. They thrive in an environment that allows for plenty of physical and mental stimulation, so it is important to provide them with plenty of toys and activities.

Where Can I Buy Green-Cheeked Conures?

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