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Green Cheek Conure Semi-Tamed


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Hand Fed and Hand Raised Green Cheek Conure available at a great price.  These birds are being offered at a special price due to less than perfect behavior. Most of the Semi Tamed birds become well behaved with less than one week of handling time.

Our captivating Conures are a stunning avian companion with a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. With its mesmerizing turquoise plumage and charming personality, this hand-raised conure is sure to steal your heart.

Our Conures are carefully nurtured to ensure their well-being and sociability. Known for their intelligent nature and playful demeanor, these feathered friends offer endless entertainment and companionship.

With their unique coloration and lively disposition,  Conures stand out as remarkable additions to any bird enthusiast’s family. Their ability to learn tricks and interact with their human companions adds an extra layer of joy and connection to your bond.

All our birds are disease tested for negative PBFD, Chlamydia

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About This Bird

Bird Breed

Green Cheek Conure

Bird Features

• Semi Tamed
• Hand Fed
• Stunning Plumage
• Lively and Playful Personality
• Intelligent and Clever Birds
• Affectionate and Bonding with Their Owners
• Entertaining and Comical Behaviors

Bird Quality Assurance

• Birds raised affectionately by our family
• Birds raised in an enclosed aviary
• Tests conducted for Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, and Borna Virus

Aviary Conditions

• Aviary enclosed with restricted access
• 7 levels of HEPA filter 1300 MARV
• Humidity and temperature controlled

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Green Cheek Conure Semi-Tamed