Green Cheek Conure – Yellowsided

Green Cheek Conure – Yellowsided


Green Cheek Conures are popular as pets due to their small size, beauty, and intelligence, green-cheeked conures have stolen many bird lover’s hearts. Their curiosity, spunk, and playful nature are great characteristics in a pet bird. Mischievous and engaging, green-cheeked conures pack a lot of personality into a small package. The fact that they are less noisy than most other parrots—and more affordable—adds to their appeal. – Click for more details


  • Beautiful and cuddly baby Green Cheek Conure is beautiful Yellow-sided with shade of red on their chest.. Our baby Green Cheeks love spending cuddly time with us and love being goofy. Our babies are hand fed and well tamed. We love playing with our babies throughout the day. As a result, they are super affectionate, well behaved and love being playful. If you’re looking for a cuddly and affectionate bird then one of these beauties is for you.

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