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Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl


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Introducing Our Precious Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl – A Rare and Exquisite Beauty Hand-Raised with Love at Dallas Parrots

Welcome to Dallas Parrots, your premier destination for the most extraordinary parrots. We are overjoyed to introduce our magnificent Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl, a true gem that has been meticulously hand-raised with an abundance of love and a meticulous amount of training. This exceptional parrot embodies rarity and is the epitome of sweet, cuddly, and intelligent.

About the Hyacinth Macaw: The Hyacinth Macaw, also known as the “gentle giant” of the parrot world, is the largest of all parrot species, boasting striking cobalt blue plumage that’s as breathtaking as the open skies. Their rarity, regal demeanor, and sheer size make them highly sought after by parrot enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Our Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl: Our Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl is not just a bird; she’s a masterpiece of nature, radiating elegance and charm. She has been raised with meticulous care, enveloped in love, and trained with the utmost dedication. This has resulted in a truly remarkable companion, eager to cuddle and play with her human family.

Training and Abilities: Our Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl has received extensive training and boasts impressive skills. She is harness trained, fully flighted, and recall trained, allowing her to fly through the indoors and return to your side at your call. Her intelligence and abilities make her a captivating and interactive addition to your life. ✨

A Rarity Beyond Compare: The Hyacinth Macaw is a marvel of nature, and owning one is a privilege few can claim. Their rarity and unique beauty make them a true statement piece in the world of exotic birds. At Dallas Parrots, we take immense pride in presenting you with this rare and exquisite parrot, sure to elevate your life in every way.


Specialized Care and Dietary Needs: It’s important to note that Hyacinth Macaws have very specific care requirements that demand attention, socialization, and a profound understanding of their unique needs. These magnificent birds thrive on interaction and mental stimulation, and they can form deep bonds with their human companions. As such, they are best suited for advanced bird enthusiasts with ample experience in raising and caring for exotic parrots. Their diet, a critical aspect of their well-being, must include a variety of fresh fruits, nuts, and specially formulated macaw pellets to maintain their health and vibrancy. At Dallas Parrots, we provide comprehensive guidance on the dietary needs of your Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl, ensuring she receives the optimal nutrition for a long and happy life.



  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Dallas Parrots
  • Hand-Raised
  • Rare Parrot
  • Exquisite Beauty
  • Harness Trained
  • Fully Flighted
  • Recall Trained
  • Rare and Exotic
  • Intelligent Companion
  • Cuddly and Playful
  • Gentle Giant
  • Cobalt Blue Plumage

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this incredibly rare and exquisite Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl into your life. Contact Dallas Parrots today to learn more about this extraordinary bird and how you can make her a part of your family. Your feathered friend is waiting to bring regal beauty, love, and enchantment to your home!


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Hyacinth Macaw Baby

Hyacinth Macaw Baby Girl


Availability: 2 in stock