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Green Cheek Conure Turquoise

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This Turquoise Green Cheek Conure is a stunning parrot that will captivate you with its vibrant colors and charming personality. With its adult height of 10 inches, this small and sociable bird makes a delightful companion. It is known for its turquoise green head and chest, complemented by a mix of greens, blues, and yellows on its chest, this conure is a visual treat. This parrot will bring years of joy and companionship to your life. Get ready to be enchanted by the quiet, affectionate, and friendly nature of the Green Cheek Conure Turquoise.


  • Emerald Explosion: Their plumage bursts with a breathtaking vibrancy, a luminous turquoise unlike any other. Witness the shimmer of their feathers as they flit about, a living kaleidoscope in your home.
  • Charismatic Clowns: Green Cheek Conures are renowned for their playful personalities and boundless energy. Expect acrobatic antics, endless curiosity, and infectious laughter – every day is a joyful performance with these feathered jesters!

Owning a Vibrant Turquoise Green Cheek is an invitation to embrace a life filled with quiet charm, gentle interactions, and endless entertainment. Are you ready to welcome this captivating little companion into your heart and home?


  • Vibrant Turquoise Green Cheek
  • Barred Parakeet
  • Quiet parrot
  • Green parrot
  • Small parrot
  • Gentle parrot
  • Intelligent parrot
  • Social parrot
  • Apartment parrot
  • Companion bird
  • Unique parrot
  • Acrobatic parrot

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About This Bird

Bird Breed

Turquoise Green Cheek Conure

Bird Features

Striking Turquoise Plumage
Lively and Energetic Personalities
Intelligent and Curious Birds
Affectionate and Bonding with Their Owners
Entertaining and Comical Behaviors

Bird Quality Assurance

• Birds raised affectionately by our family
• Birds raised in an enclosed aviary
• Tests conducted for Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, and Borna Virus

Aviary Conditions

• Aviary enclosed with restricted access
• 7 levels of HEPA filter 1300 MARV
• Humidity and temperature controlled

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Turquoise Green Cheek Conure For Sale | Dallas Parrots | Dallas TX

Green Cheek Conure Turquoise

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $850.00.

Availability: 5 in stock

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