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  • Hand fed and Tamed Green Cheek Conure
  • Kings Cage 22x16.5 with stand
  • Disease Tested
  • Hatch Certificate
  • Health Guarantee
  • Bird Food 
  • Fun Toy
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Who We Are

Step into the heavenly world of Dallas Parrots, where excellence in avian care meets the heights of customer service. We're dedicated to delivering top-quality, lovingly nurtured baby birds. At our family-owned aviary, we invite you to embark on a journey of love and cuddles of our joyful parrots.

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Parrot Spa Day

Revitalize your parrot with a refreshing spa and grooming experience at Dallas Parrots

Premium Boarding

Peace of Mind for Parrot Owners: Safe and Comfortable Boarding at Dallas Parrots.

Expert Avian Education

Visit Our Blog to Learn all About Expert Avian Care.

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Best Friendly Staff | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Mallory H. Google Review

I love everything about this shop. The staff is so friendly, and you can tell the birds are happy, healthy little guys who get lots of care. They have my vote! Such a pleasant experience.

The Best Bird Store | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Peter M. Google Review

So I have visited the store 3 times. Each time, Rana, the Store Manager was very patient with me. He understands that the purchase of a bird is not solely instinctive and takes time. As I got to know Rana, I discovered that his love for the store and his birds are beyond comprehension.

Clean Bird Store | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Amy R. Google Review

Dallas parrots is the best ! Store is clean, you can tell all the birds are well taken care of. I am so glad I purchased my blue Quaker from them. I live out of town and they made the pick up convenient.

The Best Bird Store in the United States | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Travis T. Google Review

Just wow … what an unbelievable experience we had ! This place doesn’t compare to any other bird shop I’ve visited . The staff is amazing the owner was incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate about his birds and his business.

Healthy Quaker Baby | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Stephanie M. Google Review

Was looking for a blue Quaker baby. Found Dallas Parrots and was not disappointed. Fahad sent me video of the store and wow! Super clean and everything you can think of for your feathered family member.

Amazing Bird Store | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Yesika M. Google Review

Where/How do I even start? By saying that I am beyond grateful to have visited this place. It was a Sunday morning when I decided to go ''window bird shopping'', when we arrived, we were greeted professionally, the greeting, the CLEANINESS of the place, and the amazing birds this place had/have, is B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Best Bird Food | 5 Star Review | Dallas Parrots
Breton K. Google Review

I’m so glad I found this place and will absolutely be back. Everyone I spoke with was so kind and helpful and this place really knows their stuff and takes great care of the birds they raise. I’m incredibly grateful to the owner, Fahad, who shared with us the avian calming formula they sell.

Alyssa G. Google Review

We got our green cheek baby from Dallas Parrots! The staff are so nice and Rana is very helpful. We probably held all of the parrots over a couple weeks before deciding on ours! Most of the parrots are hand fed and friendly. I cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance.


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