Colorful Boing Large 42in

Provide a Healthy and Exciting Environment for Your Bird

Upgrade your feathered friend’s cage with the Colorful Boing Large 42-inch Bird Rope Perch and witness their joy and vitality. This vibrant and versatile perch is designed to promote physical and mental well-being, while adding a touch of color and excitement to their living space.


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  • Promotes Healthy Feet: The comfortable bird cotton rope prevents foot problems such as bumblefoot, encouraging your bird to perch comfortably.

  • Encourages Exercise and Mental Stimulation: The flexible metal core allows you to create various shapes and positions, stimulating your bird’s physical activity and keeping their minds engaged.

  • Adds Variety and Excitement: The vibrant multi-colored cotton rope transforms your bird’s cage into a visually appealing and exciting haven.

Order Your Colorful Boing Large 42-inch Bird Rope Perch Today

Provide your beloved bird with the comfort, excitement, and enrichment they deserve by ordering the Colorful Boing Large 42-inch Bird Rope Perch today. Watch as they explore, play, and thrive in their new and stimulating environment.


  • Bird rope perch
  • Bird perch, Bird toy
  • Colorful bird perch
  • Bird cage accessory
  • Bird cage enrichment
Generous Size

Measuring 42 inches in length, this perch provides ample space for your bird to climb, perch, and play.

Comfortable and Secure Footing

The soft, durable multi-colored cotton rope, crafted with non-toxic food dyes, ensures a comfortable and secure grip for your bird's delicate feet.

Flexible Metal Core for Endless Possibilities

Unleash your creativity by bending the flexible metal core into various shapes and positions, creating a unique and engaging play environment for your bird.

Easy Attachment

Effortlessly attach the perch to any size cage using the included connectors.


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A vibrantly colored bird rope perch with a flexible metal core, allowing for various shapes and positions. The perch is attached to a birdcage, providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for a playful parrot.

Colorful Boing Large 42in


Availability: 5 in stock