Colorful Boing Medium 32in

Dallas Parrots Presents – The Colorful Boing Medium 32in

Elevate Your Parrot’s World! At Dallas Parrots, we understand that your parrot deserves the best. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Colorful Boing Medium 32in, a product designed to provide your feathered friend with hours of entertainment, exercise, and mental stimulation.


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  • Promotes healthy feet: The comfortable bird cotton rope provides secure footing, which can help to prevent foot problems such as bumblefoot.
  • Encourages exercise: The flexible metal core allows you to bend the perch to create different shapes and positions, which can encourage your bird to exercise.
  • Provides mental stimulation: The variety of shapes and positions that you can create with the perch can help to keep your bird mentally stimulated.
  • Adds variety to your bird’s cage: The Colorful Boing Medium 32-inch bird rope perch is a great way to add variety and excitement to your bird’s cage.


  • Bird rope perch
  • Bird perch, Bird toy
  • Colorful bird perch
  • Bird cage accessory
  • Bird cage enrichment

32 inches


Soft, durable, multi-colored cotton rope (using non-toxic food dyes)

Flexible metal core

Allows you to bend the perch to create unlimited positions

Easy to attach

Attaches to any size of cage

Comfortable bird cotton rope

Provides secure footing


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A vibrantly colored bird rope perch with a flexible metal core, allowing for various shapes and positions. The perch is attached to a birdcage, providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for a playful parrot.

Colorful Boing Medium 32in


Availability: 3 in stock