Fun Foraging Star

Fun Foraging Star from Dallas Parrots

Brighten Your Parrot’s Day with Engaging Foraging Fun At Dallas Parrots we understand the importance of keeping your feathered friend engaged and mentally stimulated. Our Fun Foraging Star is designed to provide your parrot with a stimulating play experience that promotes foraging instincts, mental agility, and a happier parrot. It’s not just a toy; it’s a star-studded adventure that brings joy to your parrot’s life.


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  • Promotes mental stimulation and problem-solving skills
  • Reduces boredom and stress
  • Strengthens the beak and muscles
  • Adds variety and enrichment to your parrot’s cage
  • Provides a natural foraging experience

How it Works:

The Fun Foraging Star is a versatile toy that offers parrots a variety of ways to play and explore. The toy features a colorful and engaging star design with a variety of textured surfaces for chewing and foraging. Parrots can use their beaks and feet to manipulate the different parts of the toy to get the treat or toy inside.

Who Should Use It:

The Fun Foraging Star is suitable for parrots of all ages and sizes. It is especially beneficial for parrots who are intelligent and need additional enrichment in their cage. The toy is also a great way to encourage natural foraging behaviors.

Order your Fun Foraging Star today and give your feathered friend the gift of a stimulating and rewarding toy!


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Colorful and engaging star design


Variety of textured surfaces for chewing and foraging

Easy to install

Easy to install and use


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A Fun Foraging Star parrot toy, a versatile toy with a colorful and engaging star design and a variety of textured surfaces for chewing and foraging.

Fun Foraging Star


Availability: 11 in stock