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Oven Fresh Bites Parrot Cookies are baked in ten delectable flavors, Oven Fresh Bites Parrot Cookies are made with natural ingredients that provide a uniquely baked texture. Birds love the visible bits and pieces of ingredients that are familiar to the food they like, while also providing nutritious and delicious essentials.

The baking process also permits the use of large grain particles in these treats, which helps to keep more nutrition intact and is less abrasive to ingredients, particularly proteins, vitamins and minerals. These freshly baked treats are sure to be a homerun for your feathered friend!


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Forget bland pellets and repetitive treats! PC Apple Cinnamon unlocks a world of gourmet delight for your feathered friend. This isn’t just food; it’s a celebration of natural flavors, a symphony of crunchy textures, and a delightful way to strengthen the bond between you and your avian companion.


  • Taste Bud Tango: Watch your bird’s eyes sparkle as they discover the irresistible blend of juicy apple and warm cinnamon. Each bite is a new adventure, tantalizing their taste buds and keeping boredom at bay.
  • Beak Bonanza: More than just delicious, Parrot Cookies and Apple Cinnamon offer beak-pleasing fun. The crunchy texture naturally trims beaks and provides mental stimulation, keeping your bird happily occupied for hours.

Safety and Tips:

  • Treat Wisely: While tempting, remember that Parrot Cookies and Apple Cinnamon are treats, not a complete diet. Offer them in moderation alongside a balanced mix of pellets, fruits, and vegetables for optimal health.
  • Size Matters: Choose the appropriate size cookies for your bird species. Too big and they might struggle, too small and the fun vanishes quickly. Always opt for comfort and accessibility.

How to Use:

  1. Scatter the Sweetness: Sprinkle a few Parrot Cookies and Apple Cinnamon on the cage floor or hidden around their environment, turning mealtime into a thrilling treasure hunt filled with beak-tingling excitement.
  2. Treat with Love: Hand-feed your bird a single cookie at a time, creating a special bonding moment and witnessing their pure joy as they savor the gourmet delight.
  3. Training Treasures: Use Parrot Cookies and Apple Cinnamon as positive reinforcement during training sessions.

Order your PC Apple Cinnamon today and give your feathered friend the gift of a healthy and stimulating one!


  • Foraging Party Fun Bucket
  • Parrot toy
  • Bird toy
  • Parrot interactive toy
  • Parrot enrichment
  • Parrot accessory
  • Birdcage toy


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PC Apple Cinnamon

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