Parrot Door Knobs

Parrot Door Knobs from Dallas Parrot

Unlock a World of Creativity with Parrot Door Knobs At Dallas Parrot, we’re dedicated to adding elements of fun and creativity to your parrot’s habitat. Our Parrot Door Knobs are designed to provide your feathered friend with an interactive and entertaining experience that stimulates their mind and encourages playfulness. It’s not just a toy; it’s a doorway to a world of excitement and exploration.


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  • Provides hours of fun and stimulation
  • Promotes physical activity and mental enrichment
  • Reduces boredom and stress
  • Strengthens beak and muscles
  • Adds variety and enrichment to your parrot’s cage

How it Works:

Parrot door knobs are a simple but effective toy that parrots love. The door knobs are made from durable brass and feature a colorful and engaging design. Parrots can use their beaks to ring the door knobs, which produces a clear and melodious sound. The sound of the door knobs helps to attract the parrot’s attention and keep them engaged.

How to Use:

Parrot door knobs are easy to install and use. Simply attach them to the door of your parrot’s cage using the screws provided. Then, let your parrot enjoy!

Who Should Use It:

Parrot door knobs are suitable for parrots of all sizes and breeds. They are especially beneficial for parrots who are active and playful, or who need additional enrichment in their cage.

Order your Parrot Door Knobs today and give your feathered friend the gift of endless fun and stimulation!


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Made from durable brass


Colorful and engaging design


Safe for parrots of all sizes


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A Parrot Door Knobs toy, a fun and functional toy made from durable brass and featuring a colorful and engaging design.

Parrot Door Knobs


Availability: 20 in stock