Preen and Chew

Indulge Your Parrot’s Natural Instincts with Preen and Chew At Dallas Parrots

We believe in providing your feathered friend with toys that cater to their natural behaviors and instincts. Our Preen and Chew is designed to fulfill your parrot’s need for preening and chewing, offering a safe and stimulating outlet for these essential activities. It’s not just a toy; it’s a way for your parrot to express their instincts and stay mentally and physically engaged.


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  • Encourages natural preening and chewing behaviors
  • Helps to keep feathers clean and healthy
  • Strengthens the beak and muscles
  • Reduces boredom and stress
  • Adds variety and enrichment to your parrot’s cage

How it Works:

Parrots have a natural instinct to preen and chew. This helps them to keep their feathers clean and healthy, and it also provides them with mental stimulation. The Preen and Chew Parrot Toy provides parrots with a variety of safe and stimulating materials to chew and preen on. This helps to keep them healthy and happy.

Who Should Use It:

The Preen and Chew Parrot Toy is suitable for all parrots, regardless of their size or breed. It is especially beneficial for parrots who are prone to feather plucking or who do not have adequate opportunities to preen and chew.

Order your Preen and Chew Parrot Toy today and give your feathered friend the gift of a healthy and enriching toy!


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Chew and Preen

Made with a variety of natural and synthetic materials that are safe for parrots to chew and preen on


Features a variety of textures and shapes to keep parrots engaged


Easy to attach to your parrot's cage


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The Preen and Chew Parrot Toy is a versatile toy that encourages natural preening and chewing behaviors. It is made with a variety of safe and stimulating materials, and it is easy to attach to your parrot's cage.

Preen and Chew


Availability: 20 in stock