Shower and Car Perch

Introducing the Dallas Parrots Shower and Car Perch

At Dallas Parrots, we prioritize your parrot’s safety, comfort, and happiness. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the “Shower and Car Perch,” a versatile and essential accessory that makes bath time and travel with your feathered companion a breeze. Designed with your parrot’s well-being in mind, this perch is more than just a perch—it’s a safe haven for your parrot’s on-the-go adventures.


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  • Promotes healthy feather habits and prevents feather problems
  • Provides a secure and comfortable place for your parrot to perch during their shower time
  • Encourages your parrot to play and explore
  • Makes bathing more enjoyable for you and your parrot
  • Enhances your parrot’s overall health and well-bein


Shower and car perch

Parrot toy

Parrot perch

Parrot shower perch

Parrot car perch

Parrot bath perch

Parrot play perch


22.7 x 18.2 x 18.2 cm, perfect size for small parrots like lovebirds, cockatiels, parakeets, and parrotlets.

Anti-Slip Perch

Treated with a frosted surface, ensuring a firm grip for your feathered friend even during shower time

Multi-Purpose Usage

Enjoy a delightful shower experience with your parrot by attaching this perch to the bathroom wall with its strong suction cups. You can also attach it to a window to provide your parrot with natural sunlight that is essential for their well-being.

Safe Materials

Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for your parrot's health and comfort

Promotes Healthy Habits

Regular bathing is crucial for maintaining your parrot's feather health and preventing feather problems. This perch encourages your parrot to enjoy their shower time without fear of slipping.

Enjoyment and Engagement

Provide your parrot with a fun and stimulating environment with this perch that encourages them to play, perch, and bathe.


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Shower and Car Perch


Availability: 10 in stock