ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food for Parrots & Conures is a premium, powerful blend of fruit, natural fruit-blend pellets, vegetables, and nuts to help excite and enrich your pet bird.

It is specifically made for Conures, Caiques, African Greys, Senegals, Amazons, Eclectus, and Small Cockatoos. This blend includes a delicious mix of right-sized pieces for your bird which helps minimize wasted food.


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Forget bland pellets and predictable seeds! Zupreem PURE FUN FOR PARROT for Parrots & Conures explodes onto the stage, transforming mealtime into a vibrant carnival of textures and tastes. This isn’t just food; it’s a celebration of natural delight, a gateway to playful adventures, and a way to strengthen the bond between you and your feathered friend.


  • Tropical Fiesta on a Beak: Every bite is a journey to vibrant shores! This delectable blend boasts a captivating mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and FruitBlend® Flavor Smart Pellets, mimicking the irresistible flavors parrots crave in their wild ancestry.
  • Nourishment with a Wink: Don’t underestimate the power of fun! Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, PURE FUN fuels your parrot’s playful spirit while supporting their overall health and vitality.

Safety and Tips:

  • Know Your Bird: While most parrots and conures adore variety, introduce PURE FUN in small amounts, watching for any discomfort or allergies.
  • Sharing the Fun: Supervise interactions with other birds while enjoying PURE FUN. While most share nicely, food-fueled squabbles can occur.

How to Use:

  1. Sprinkle the Adventure: Scatter a few pieces on the cage floor or hide around their environment to turn mealtime into a thrilling treasure hunt filled with beak-tingling excitement.
  2. Treat with Love: Hand-feed your bird one piece at a time, creating a special bonding moment filled with shared smiles and gentle chit-chat.

Order your Zupreem PURE FUN FOR PARROT today and give your feathered friend the gift of a healthy and stimulating one!


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  • Parrot toy
  • Bird toy
  • Parrot interactive toy
  • Parrot enrichment
  • Parrot accessory
  • Birdcage toy


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Zupreem PURE FUN FOR PARROTfor Parrots & Conures explodes onto the stage, transforming mealtime into a vibrant carnival of textures and tastes



Availability: 8 in stock

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