Natural Wood Muti Perch Grape 9-12in

A Natural Wood Multi Perch Grape 9-12in, made from natural grape wood and providing a variety of textures and perching options for parrots.


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  • Encourages natural foraging behavior and helps to reduce boredom
  • Provides a safe and stimulating way for parrots to exercise
  • Helps to keep parrots’ feet and beaks healthy
  • Easy to clean and maintain

How to Use

  1. Select a location in your parrot’s cage or playstand where the perch can be securely installed.
  2. Use the included mounting hardware to attach the perch to the cage or playstand.
  3. Make sure that the perch is tightly secured and that there are no loose parts.
  4. Offer the perch to your parrot and allow them to explore it at their own pace.

Safety Tips

  • Always inspect the perch for signs of wear and tear before using it.
  • Replace the perch immediately if it is damaged or becomes unsafe.
  • Make sure that the perch is properly secured to the cage or playstand to prevent it from falling.
  • Supervise your parrot while they are using the perch to ensure that they are safe.

Order your Natural Wood Muti Perch Grape 9-12in today and give your feathered friend the gift of a healthy and stimulating toy!


  • Natural Wood Muti Perch Grape 9-12in
  • Parrot toy
  • Bird toy
  • Parrot interactive toy
  • Parrot enrichment
  • Parrot accessory
  • Birdcage toy

9-12 inches


1 pound


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Natural Wood Muti Perch Grape 9-12in


Availability: 14 in stock